Supreme Edgelight Devices, Inc.

Founded in 1952, Edgelight Devices has been a respected military and private aircraft parts manufacturer for nearly 70 years.  We are a leader in aircraft instrument panel design and manufacturing with the ability to provide quick results with relentless quality.    

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State of the art quality assurance 

While manufacturing technology has improved, so has quality assurance.  Each part made is rigourously tested and inspected for quality and tracable with unique quality assurance markings.  If any part is found to have, or suspected to have, a defect, the quality assurance markings will trace back to detailed pictures of the part as well as each quality assurance measurement associated with that exact part, so that you can always be confident that the parts your order will always meet or exceed your high quality standards.        

  • Type III
    Type III panels are single piece lighted panels made from MIL-SPEC stock that mate to aircraft provided lighting.
  • Type IV  
    Type IV panels are single piece lighted panels with lighting built in to the panel itself and connected to aircraft power with a standardized connector.  These can operate at 5v or 28v and be manufactured with several backlit colors. 
  • Type V
    Type V Panels are similar to a Type V, except the lighting is provided on a separate, replacable/repairabe circuit board mounted on the back of the panel. 

Been there. Done that. Have the drawings    

Because of Edgelight Devices' long history of building panels for legacy aircraft, we have more instrument panel drawing, designs and plans in our files than anybody else.  We keep legacy aircraft flying for the fire fighting, transport and general aviation by keeping track of all the parts we have ever made and indexing and cataloging drawings even from the time before computers.      



Our management team has a combined fifty years running manufacturing and customer facing businesses with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction.  We have patents in software and graphics reproduction and the experience to know that we must do the job right right first time.    


Edgelight Devices, Inc. 
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Available Parts List

Our searchable parts database includes over 12,000 unique part numbers, searchable by part number, manufacturer or partial part number. Over 1,000 of these parts are available to ship immediately. Many part numbers also include sub-parts that are not necessarily listed separately in the database. If you are not sure if we have a particular sub-part or if you would like a downloadable file of all part numbers, please call us at +1.925.989.8940.